[edit= CLOSED!] Mohair&Fur wigs preorder

Since now, you can send a message with our form if you want to order a fur wig. It's easy! Just fill the form with your data and with the number of wigs that you want. Just the quantity! If you're in, we'll send you the wigs form with all the details.

Remember, you can order a standard wig or a requested one! Just show me your design and we'll tell you if it's possible with this material.

Special preorder! If you send us your form on December 25th or 31st or Januart 1st or 6th you'll receive a Discount Code&Card for your next order and a Special gift for Christmas! (Spain Hour)

Remember, there are also "in stock" wigs! Check them here or in our "Showroom" tumblr! Ask if you have any question~