HR Fiber Wigs

Fiber wigs will completely change! Soon, wigs will be made with the best synthetic hair! We're also changing the making, photos soon!

You can order your own design! If you want to see my special requested works, go to Showroom~

We have two Fiber types. Standard ones are always available and you can order any wig with these colors without changes on the price. The Special colors are available most of time, but if you want an easy wig with these colors, it'll be more expensive, because the fiber is more limited (you have to add 10-20$ to the standard price). Just ask if you want more info!

Important! These wigs are made with special wigcaps (glue based caps), so it couldn't fix exactly with your doll's measures. If you want a perfect sized wig, you can send me the head of the doll and I'll do the wigcap on it, so it'll be perfect!

There isn't any standard wigs. We've listed a base price (only standard colors) and what would you have to add depending on the extras and the difficulty (examples below).

Easy Wig:  25~35$
Medium Wig: 35~45$
Hard Wig: 45$ or more

Extra color (standard): +5$
Extra color (special): +10$

Dreadlocks: +2$ each one

Do you have a question? Do you want to order a wig?
Read before our page How to Order!