Important! Shop's indefinite closure

Next 20th August, I'm going to move to UK, so I don't know when would be placed next preorder. But don't worry! I'll make more wigs as soon as possible! I need to stay a long time in touch with my new life, but I'm sure that at the beggining of next year, I'll be able to open a new preorder of fur wigs.

Until then, when I finish this preorder's wigs, I'll try to use all materials I have to create new designs that will be available in our etsy shop. Most of them would be fur wigs, but also fiber, mohair and some dreadlocks wigs.

I won't accept any order, but I hear your requests! So, if you're interested on any kind of hairstyle, you can send your request to our e-mail: shibuyastyle.bjd@hotmail.com 

If I select your request, you will receive a 30% discount code for a future preorder (not etsy products).

You can participate just sending an e-mail with your idea, for example: How about a multi-colored fiber wig? Or a very curly fiber one? If your request inspires me for a design, you get your discount code!

Results on June 20th